Thursday, January 17, 2013

Signs to know you are a side chic

I will not define what or who a side chic is, because I'm sure everybody is very familiar with the term. But a lot of ladies know they are in a competition with another girl, or- as in many cases- other girls for the heart of a man. The issue still remains; who are you to the guy in question? Are you his 'main chic', or you are just the 'side chic'. Below are some signs that will help you determine your position in his life.

1. If he never answers your calls, never replies his text messages or never responds to your pings and mentions- then you are the side chic.
2. If he is always missing in action during weekends and public holidays, spending not one of the free working moments with you- then you are the side chic.
3. If he hesitates to call you his girlfriend in public- then you are the side chic.
4. If he doesn't want to label the relationship he has with you, nor give it a definite direction- then you are the side chic.
5. If he gets angry when you put up his picture as your display picture or gets angry when you tag pictures of both of you together- then you are the side chic.
6. If he is not worried or seems concerned whenever you cancel a set date or appointment- then u are the side chic.
7. If he pays you only physical compliments about your beauty, shape, breasts etc and never compliments your intelligence- then you are the side chic.

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