Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Freedom fighters via social networking

It is not surprising that the number of freedom fighters we have on social networking sites these days is on the increase. From students, to renowned activists down to politicians who lost out on power. Fighting for the rights of the people isn't a bad thing; my question is- what is thy credibilty?

The holy bible quotes Jesus as saying that we should remove the log in our eyes before removing the speck in the eye of someone else. Jesus also admonishes us not to judge. In as much as we are humans, it means we are liable to disobeying both commandments, but all the same we should first 0f all ask how perfect we are.

There are some notable freedom fighters and government critics who, if mentioned, will be respected- based on their antecedents eg the late Gani Fawenhimi, Ayo Obe, and the likes. But there are others who when mentioned, makes me raise my eye brows. It is this group of people I want to talk about.

When you have the likes of politicians who lost out in power coming out to say they are fighting for the masses, I just laugh. Especially the ones who swayed while in power. Why didn't they fight for the masses when they had the power to change the lives of the masses? Instead, they were busy looting, involving themselves in one controversy after the other.

More hurting is the fact that some Nigerians, who for no other reason that ethnic apathy or religious intolerance, have decided to lean on the sides of these aggrieved thieves in the name of followership. Let it be known to such political leaders turned freedom fighters that there are lots of us who remember what they did while they were  in office- and we have documented evidence that we shall use against them when the time is right.

Until then, let me sit back and watch them spit venom.....even if I know it makes no sense.

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