Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Odd World

The word got out very early this morning that BP CEO, Tony Hayward has been asked to step down; largely due to the way he handled the gulf of Mexico oil spill saga. The 'stepping down' will take effect from October 1st this year. But that's not all there is to the story; Mr Hayward, will be getting a whooping $16.5 million ($930,000 a year) as a form of pension / gratuity.
That's not bad, but considering the fact that BP, which operates in Nigeria as Shell, has been spilling oil constantly into the coastal creeks of the Niger Delta, with no form of compensation or reprimands, really calls for concern. Is it that our Government(s) is / have been unable to hold them, or is it that we are afraid? I really don't get it. A company spills oil into beaches and wetlands for 99 days, and they are paying millions of dollars. But across the atlantic, they've been spilling oil into creeks, farmlands, wetlands, rivers, communities..... for 50 years, yet not one form of compensation! What an odd world this is.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Ridance to Bad Football

And the Super Eagles crashed out the world cup. Not only that, but with one of the worst performances; loosing to Argentina and Greece, then drawing Korea. There's no need for one to go through the whole charade again, but the developments after the crash is worth discussing.

The move to withdraw Nigeria from all FIFA organized competitions was just the only way to get their attention, cos the normal threat of 'Banning cos of government intervention' would have filled the air again.

Now that the sanitation process has started, let the exercise be wholesome. It would be a fruitless campaign to fill old wine into new bottles. The committee set up by Jonathan is okay, but they should be given a free hand to work. I also believe that the advice of Chief Oyuki Obaseki on dissolving the whole NFF board should be adhered to; what's the use impeaching only 3, when the whole system is rotten?

Finally, Nigeria does not need foreigners of any kind to manage its football; either as administrators or coaches. We all know who is best to fill the shoes of Super Eagles coach. Moreover, a body of ex-professionals should be set up, and they should be the ones to manage Nigerian football. And to finalize things, we should look for ways to bring in corporate sponsorship into our football. These are the ways forward for Nigeria's football