Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pictures of Geregu phase 2 gas turbine power plant

 Geregu is a small community located in Ajaokuta, Kogi state. This community is home to Niger Delta Power Holding Company/National Integrated Power Project's 435MW Gas Turbine Power Plant. Already, an existing power plant (Geregu Phase 1) belonging to PHCN shares the same fence with this beautiful power station.
The power plant was built by Siemens AG of Germany in conjunction with their Nigerian branch. It consists of 3 units of V.94 Siemens gas turbine turbo-generators, each with a capacity of 135MW. The project is currently in final commissioning stage, and will soon be commissioned.

State of Emergency

On the 15th of November, precisely by 5pm, I checked my twitter handle and saw a post by Reno Omokri that President Goodluck Jonathan will be addressing the nation by 7pm Nigerian time. What immediately came to my mind was that the President will talk about the recent killings of security operatives in Nasarawa state; my mind didn't reason any declaration of a state of emergency.
But after a drab speech (which is a usual feature of all of Jonathan's speeches), the President declared a state of emergency in three states- Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states- even if he said the governors of the affected states will still carry out their 'full executive functions.
Personally, I think this development is long overdue: thousands of people have died, the economy of the affected states and the north in general is gradually grinding to a halt and people are no longer secure. The menace of Boko Haram has grown from a bunch of miscreants disturbing civil peace to a full scale act of terrorism, seemingly back by unknown but very powerful forces.
For once, I saw an angry President acting- and acting in line with the provisions of the constitution. That being said, I want to ask why other hot spots like Bauchi, Kano and Kaduna were not included; is it politics, or mere oversight? Maybe only President Jonathan can answer this.
I just hope this state of emergency brings a lasting solution to this mayhem, because I'm somewhat not comfortable with the idea of the governors still sitting in office. I believe the states should have been run by a sole administrator. What if the perpetrators move to another state to start their
operations? Will a state of emergency be declared also?
Jonathan, according to majority of Nigerians, has shown a will and guts that he still remains the president of this country; what's left to show is if his powers do mean anything.