1. For those of you who like changing your naive names to some fancy English or foreign names, read this story.

    A 9ja guy was apprehended for beating speed limits on the highway. The cop pulled him over and gave him a long lecture on safe driving. As the officer asked the guy for his name, he replied: 'my name is Ndianabasiobong Nkuteimawokanobong Ekpenyong'.
    Startled, the cop asked for his name again, and the 9ja guy repeated the same thing. The cop looked at his pen and note pad for a few seconds, lifted his head and said: ' aight son, I'll let u off on this one- one more mistake, and u are done'.
    Now imagine if the guy had changed his name to something simple like John......

  2. The tale of a mad man, a native doctor and a pastor

    A man wanted to be rich, so he went and met a native doctor. The native doctor gave him a portion to drink that will make him mad for 365days, after which he will be a billionaire from the day after that.

    On d last day of his madness, the man was busy sleeping near a refuse dump when a pastor who was passing by stopped and prayed for him: the madness left the man instantly! If you were the mad man, what will you do to the pastor?